Waiting in Wonder Book Launch Excerpt 2 and a $200 Spa-finder gift card

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Hello all, thanks for joining me this week as I introduce you to the heart of my new book, Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting. 

As I share in the introduction to the book, biology has long fascinated me. And throughout my first and second pregnancies as I poured over the stunning details of how God formed and fashioned a fearfully and wonderfully made creation inside me, I couldn’t help but find my heart moved to praise Him! Not every devotional entry in my book goes into the biological aspects of development, but I wanted to share with you at least a few that did because I really believe that allowing your heart to truly wonder is often a very natural prelude to praise. (Click to tweet). Unfortunately, we are often too busy, too cynical, or too self-absorbed to stop and notice God’s handiwork in creation and let the artistry, wisdom and complexity move us to praise. Whether or not you’re expecting, I hope you’ll find the details of this entry as fascinating as I did and that it will move your heart to praise!

This entry comes from week 11, the week I’m just finishing in my pregnancy (did you miss our announcement?)


Thanks so much for reading! I hope if you’ve liked what you’ve seen you’ll order a copy for yourself or as a future gift.

And now for today’s giveaway. As I was thinking about how God knows the hairs on your head and thinking about how I’d like to shower mommies this week with some love, I thought, how about I send a special winner to a salon or spa of her choice (of course, you don’t need to be a mommy or even a female to enter–and I’m sure there are quite a few awesome husbands out there who’d like to win this sweet prize for their sweet wives)! So that’s how we came up with the idea of a $200 www.spafinder.com gift certificate. So without further ado, here’s your chance to win:

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And if you didn’t enter yesterday, the iPad mini giveaway, click on over to do so! And share both with your friends! Up next? A Nikon Coolpix L810 Digital Camera (with video recording capabilities).  Wish I could enter!

Waiting in Wonder Book Launch Excerpt and Giveaway #1: iPad mini 16GB White

iPad mini 16 GB GiveawayMy new book, Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting is finally on shelves in a bookstore near you and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  This week, I want to help you get to know the heart behind the book and give you a glimpse inside. I hope you’ll love what you see and buy a copy or 2 or 3! I also need your help to spread the message so that expectant mamas all over have a chance to hear about this book, and (this is my prayer) draw closer to God, their husband, and their baby through it.

If you aren’t expecting I hope you’ll take a few minutes to get acquainted with the book because I truly believe this is going to be a book that you find yourself giving again and again. It’s the perfect gift book for an expectant mama!

If you are expecting, congratulations! I’m so excited you’ve found this place. Here’s a bit of what I wrote in the introduction of the book, just for you:

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran of motherhood, God graciously gives each mother nine months. Nine months to prepare for a sacred journey—a journey you will be taking with this particular child, to nurture, to disciple, and to teach about Jesus.

Nine months isn’t very long to prepare for such a journey. But God knows you will never truly be ready for the rigorous demands of motherhood. If you were, you would have no need to lean on Him in dependence, no need to keep your own eyes on Jesus, your Guide. Though you will never be completely ready for motherhood, God longs to help you—He longs for you to make the most of this waiting time by drawing nearer to Him. …

The God who made you and the One who is forming this child within you longs to walk with you during this sacred season of waiting. He wants to share in what you’re feeling. He wants to open up truths from His Word that will comfort you and challenge you to become even more of the woman—and the mother—He designed you to be. And He wants to awaken you to the wonder of this miraculous creation He is even now forming within you.

It’s my sincere hope that through this journal your pregnancy can be a time of adopting certain practices that will shape your life and the life of your child forever: meditating on Scripture as a means to personal metamorphosis, foregoing anxiety in favor of prayer, and journaling as a tool for remembering God’s faithfulness. I pray that as these devotions lead you to linger over the details of God’s amazing handiwork in creation, you will also find your sense of wonder renewed and, with it, your heart revived to praise.

To that end, in the pages of this beautiful devotional journal, Waiting in Wonder, you will find daily readings and Scripture passages brought together just for you and for this special season of your life. You will also find helpful prompts that lead you to record your emotions, significant milestones, prayers, and love notes to your baby. What a precious gift to be able to give to your son or daughter one day—the gift of knowing you and the love you had for him or her even before you nuzzled his or her life in your arms.

And that’s my heart–right there–for you or some mom you know who will receive this book as a gift. Let me also give you a glimpse today into a sample entry. This one comes from Week 8, and talks about the rapid growth of baby’s brain. That’s the lead-in to a meditation on the Infinite Wisdom of God who created not only this marvelous being, but everything else that we see and know. Take a peek:




I hope that gives you a glimpse of what you’ll find inside this book.

And now for today’s giveaway. I chose today’s prize with expectant mamas in mind (though you don’t have to be expecting or even female to enter or win!) I don’t actually own an iPad of any kind, but in the days nursing a newborn I often found myself wanting to be able to hold and look at a book–especially my Bible–with just one hand. As my boys are getting bigger, I’ve seen how much they enjoy playing educational games with Daddy on his computer. I understand you can do both with this one small device. This seemed like a great gift that you will use, but can also grow with your family. So without further ado, I give you the chance to win an Apple iPad mini 16 GB (White), estimated value, $357.10. As you’ll see there’s lots of ways for you to earn chances to win, including bonus entries for referring your friends. So enter here, and tweet, text, email, and share away with friends to encourage them to do the same! (You’ll find all the terms and conditions listed in the rafflecopter widget below where you enter, along with the dates April 17-25, and the date winners will be announced on this blog: April 29th.)


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We’ve got a lot more great prizes coming at you this week and next:

Waiting in Wonder Giveaways EC

Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow (or better yet subscribe so you don’t have to remember!) for our next excerpt and giveaway! Up next, a $200 spafinder gift card! Now doesn’t that sound divine!

Waiting in Wonder Book Launch and Giveaways!

WIW 800x375

The day is here! Release Day! And I’m so excited to share my new book, Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting with you!

If you’re new here and don’t yet know what Waiting in Wonder is all about, allow me to introduce you:

A devotional journal inviting women to embrace the spiritual journey that awaits as they prepare for the high and holy calling of motherhood.

Expecting a baby is a time of unfolding wonders—from the jolt of first heartbeat, to the buds of tiny fingers, to the flutter of little kicks. During pregnancy, a mother’s body nourishes this quiet miracle’s development. But through the trials of morning sickness, the anticipation of labor, and the questions of whether she’ll be a good mother, she’ll need her own nourishment—both physical as well as spiritual. She’ll want to nurture her own heart so that she may one day strengthen the spiritual life of this child entrusted to her.

Waiting in Wonder guides readers through the weeks of pregnancy with devotions designed to encourage, strengthen, and inspire. Each devotion includes Scripture and journaling space for writing personal thoughts, prayers, dreams, even love letters to the growing baby. And when baby is born, mother will hold a lifelong keepsake for rereading and reliving a truly wonder-filled time of physical change and spiritual growth.

 And if you haven’t yet read about how God brought Waiting in Wonder into this world AND our big announcement, don’t miss it! So now for my next big surprise, and no it’s not triplets either 🙂 Sorry to disappoint! But we do have some fabulous giveaways! Take a peek!

Waiting in Wonder Giveaways EC

 (Prizes pictured above: a 16GB ipad mini, a $200 Spafinder.com gift card, a Nikon Coolpix L810 16.1 MP Digital Camera, iRobot 560 Roomba vacuum, a $300 gift certificate for a getaway through www.bedandbreakfast.com, as well as a Keurig K65 Special Edition Coffee Maker)


To celebrate the book’s release, I’m hosting a week of incredible giveaways (including one fun getaway!) Help me spread the word about Waiting in Wonder, get your own copy for yourself or stock up on several for gifts, AND have a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

From April 17 to April 24, each weekday there will be a raffle for a new giveaway. I’ll be kicking things off with the ipad mini giveaway Wednesday, April 17. And the opportunity to enter will end on April 25th at midnight. Winners will be announced in a blog post on Monday, April 29th. (Click to tweet!)

In addition to these awesome opportunities to win, each day I’ll post a new excerpt from my devotional to share with another mom who could use some encouragement. I hope you’ll tweet, pin, post, share, and email your friends with these, so that by the end of these days, moms far and wide will feel showered with love and encouragement. I also hope you’ll have a glimpse of just how deeply Waiting in Wonder could minister to you or a mom you know during this sacred season of waiting. Whether or not you’re expecting, I hope these devotions will encourage you to draw closer to Jesus and praise Him for His fearfully and wonderfully-made creations.

Oh, and if you’re not yet subscribed to this blog, what are you waiting for? You don’t want to miss a single day of what’s in store.

Book Release Happenings

Waiting in Wonder - Catherine Claire LarsonWell, we’re less than 2 weeks away from the release date (April 16!) of my new book, Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting and I’m one busy mama trying to keep up with it all.

If you aren’t following me on Facebook yet (sign up here), you may not have heard about some of the awesome reviews that are already appearing on Amazon about the book. Check out what people are saying, things like:

This devotional journal is beautifully written for the expectant mother’s heart as she awaits the joy of the birth of her child. It has a place to write prayers and messages to the baby after each lesson and has a memory verse for each week for mom to guide her as she walks on this journey of pregnancy. I highly recommend as not just a devotional but as a pregnancy journal too. What a gift this would be to show the child years later when he/she is grown as a beautiful testimony. I cried as I went through this wishing I had this for my pregnancies with my daughter and son. I am recommending this to all my pregnant family and friends as it will speak to each of them as they await the redeeming births of their baby. –Katherine Tolbert


This beautiful devotional journal takes expecting mothers through a most precious journey. While the fun biological aspects are covered and easily understood, more importantly, women are guided through the Bible, prayer, and reflection. I love that it helps prepare women for the changes ahead for themselves, with their husbands, and life as she knows it now. I also enjoyed that the journal questions covered so many aspects including how did you tell people you were pregnant, ironing out personal pride issues, and writing letters to your precious growing baby. I cannot wait to share this gift with family and friends. It will be my go to gift whenever a pregnancy is announced! –Tricia R. Venegas

And for a wonderful, longer review, check out Just34me’s Review, “A Firm Foundation.” One thing I really appreciated about this review were these final, closing words:

Here, then, is one way to stand for families; to encourage moms to think Christianly about the role of their spiritual lives in the life of their unborn child.  To all those supporting the movement this book is truly pro-life.

Meanwhile, the wheels are in motion for a local book release/ book-signing party. If you live in the greater Washington DC area, please consider joining us as we celebrate “the birth” of this book. This is a community-wide event, with some particularly great door-prizes for expectant moms. Here are the details:

Saturday, April 20th, 10:30 am to 1 pm, PFM Hospitality House, 44180 Riverside Parkway, Lansdowne, VA 20176. All are welcome! Expectant moms who attend are eligible for some great door prizes including a Baby Jogger stroller as well as giveaways from local area toy-store, Go Bananas, Veggie Tale’s Creator Phil Visher’s What’s In the Bible, Thomas Nelson Books and more!

If you’d like to help me, spread the word, share this(PDF) flier with your friends, church family, MOPs group, and neighbors. I’d love to see many new faces: WIW_LaunchParty[1] (1)

And finally, I’ll also be signing books on May 4th at the Northern Virginia Natural Birthing Center in Chantilly, Virginia. Looking forward to meeting some wonderful expecting mothers there!

More to come!

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