Hi, I’m Catherine!

I guess, you could say, I’ve been expecting you, or at least, that by faith I’ve been doing what I can to make a little corner of beauty and grace where I hope you’ll want to stay for a while. Rest and refresh for the journey ahead!

I’m Catherine, lover of dappled light, and Blue Ridge hues, of closing my days nestled in my husband’s prayers, and of mornings which bud with baby coos and the voices of my sweet boys calling for mama, (that name I wondered if I’d ever get to wear). I’m a collector of words, a cataloger of wonders, and a curator of grace stories.

Once upon a time (how can a few years ago seem like a lifetime?) I worked full-time writing for and with my dear friend and mentor, Chuck Colson, hammering out radio scripts for BreakPoint Radio, columns for Christianity Today, and online answers for the Washington Post and Newsweek’s joint venture called On Faith.  There’s much more I could tell you about visiting prisoners and telling their stories, about an adventure to report forgiveness unfolding in the heart of war-torn Africa, and watching a little church come to life alongside my brother. But those are stories for another day.

These days, you can find me vrooming toy cars across the red rug, slathering peanut butter and jelly on wheat, and carrying baby boy close to my heart.

Once bedtime prayers are aloft, I cozy up with my laptop and labor in love to exalt the One who is the most important part of my life.

Because if I could tell you only one thing about me I’d want you to know how passionately I seek to love a nail-scarred and risen Savior.

It’s this love that leads me here, hoping for you, expecting you.

Because here’s the thing; you matter. You matter so much more than you know. His eyes light up at the thought of you. And He loves you enough that He will not leave you where you are. And no matter where you are, He beckons.

And that’s why I’m writing to you, this invitation to a deep and fearless faith. That’s why each week I’ll be here encouraging you, challenging you to dare to believe that your place in this story is not as small, nor as insignificant as you think. To wrestle with the fact, that because you matter to Him, it all matters: your words, your attitudes, your time, your talents, even the seemingly mundane moments. Because really no moment is mundane: every moment is ripe with the expectation of Him.

We live expectantly. Expecting grace, expecting mercy, and yes, expecting trials, pain, and suffering. But we also expect that evil will not have the final say, but that love will prevail, transforming even the bitterest moments into sweetest grace. We live expecting His presence, one day His appearing, and ultimately His absolute reign.

Thanks for joining this growing band of people foolish enough to believe that the way up is down and that all we have and are is a small price for all He is and offers. Join me on this journey to a deep and fearless faith.


Where you can find me!

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