For years, I’ve nurtured a sacred calling—one I’ve found at the intersection of my deep love for God and my passion for writing.

After completing my Bachelors’ degree in English from Furman University and my Masters’ degree in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary, I spent nearly seven years working as a senior writer and editor at BreakPoint, a non-profit ministry started by Chuck Colson which helps Christians live the faith, defend the truth, and advance the kingdom. My experience writing for the 2 million weekly listeners of BreakPoint radio and the award-winning Point radio program helped shape me as a writer and thinker with a passion for helping Christians understand how knowing God affects every area of life.

As a frequent co-writer with Chuck Colson, my work has appeared in monthly columns in Christianity Today and in On Faith, a weekly online column of The Washington Post and Newsweek. My own writings have appeared on the web at BreakPoint online, The Point, and Common Grounds Online blogs, as well as in Christianity Today, Discipleship Journal, and numerous other print publications. Both the Evangelical Press Association and the National Religious Broadcasters association have recognized and awarded my writing.

By God’s grace, my first book, As We Forgive: Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda, (Zondervan, 2009) now in its fifth printing, has stirred tens of thousands of readers with its radical message of forgiveness in the face of unthinkable evil. Christianity Today’s Tim Morgan called the writing “distinctive, evocative” and “potent.” While World Magazine’s Marvin Olasky heralded the book for how it “realistically reports both scars and grace.” And author Mary Demuth summed up the book’s impact in one word: “Life-changing.”

My second book, Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting (Thomas Nelson, March, 2013, re-released May 2022) has become the go-to gift for expecting moms across this country, I’m grateful for the kind words of praise from those like bestselling author Ann Voskamp, who called the book, one that she “wished someone had given [her] in the beginning” of her motherhood journey. For years, I’ve held in my heart the hope to follow this book with two more like it. I’m so excited that in March 2023, Watching in Wonder: Growing in Faith in Baby’s First Year will hit shelves. In March 2024,Walking in Wonder: a Devotional Journal for Moms of Toddlers will be available to come alongside moms in this time of stretching and growth.

Whether writing about the God who heals the hearts of ravaged nations or who knits together the fearfully-and-wonderfully-made frame of a newborn babe, I hope to awaken readers to wonder at this marvelous God and the miracles He still works today.