Graveside: Resurrection Sunday


Along the seam of time
And eternity, there is a tear.
Along the fault line of temporal
And everlasting, there is a rupture.
A sliver of sky, a gash in the earth,
The size of a single human soul.

On the outer rim of beauty,
On the cusp of consciousness,
Between wakefulness and sleep
Is the waking wonder of a hope
Beyond dreaming.

It is a glimpse of the long-awaited.
It is a sigh of rest–
An unbreakable wholeness,
An impenetrable wellness,
An impermeable happiness,
An unstoppable rightness.

Somewhere on the outer rim of beauty,
Somewhere on the cusp of consciousness,
Somewhere between wakefulness and sleep,
The reality of a dream is dawning,
Breaking time with eternal light.
A first gleam growing brighter,
Across the horizon,
Beauty bleeding in the color of resurrected life.

Golgotha: Good Friday


Son of Adam, grasping time and eternity,
Will he not be stretched beyond bearing?
Son of Adam, bearing the crossbeam of justice,
Holding up the full burden of sin,
Will he not be snapped like a reed?

Perfection’s final breath is a prayer,
Submission into the hands that will lower
Beneath a flash flood of judgment
While a burning panic in the lungs
Becomes sorrow’s baptism unto death.

God rips his outer garment–
And all earth trembles at the sound
While seraphs flutter to shield the sun
From the sight of such a holy naked grief,

Burning tears fall like spears of lightning,
Gashing earth’s cringing flesh, as
Spirits of the dead hemorrhage forth
From love’s deepest wound.

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