A Thank You Note to My Unborn Child

The miracle of youLittle One, you aren’t even here yet, but I just wanted to take a time-out tonight as I round the 27 week mark (and keep getting rounder) to tell you, “thank you.” God has always used the littlest ones—the weak and frail—to open eyes the eyes of the strong. You are so small; not even 2 pounds, but the weight of glory you reveal is astonishing. You do not yet know that you are a catalyst of wonder in my life, a catalyst of worship. With your kicks, somersaults, and barrel rolls you constantly nudge me deeper into the heart of wonder, deeper into the heart of God.

It won’t be long before you will be here. And you will soon see that when you are young the whole world is a marvelous discovery—“Look mama, look! The moon!” or “Look, mama, look—a ladybug!” But when you get older, sometimes it gets hard to see the world with new eyes. All you see are the thorns and thistles, the smudge and the smear. And as strange as it may sound, you forget to marvel at the moon or stand amazed at the dainty flittering of a bug’s wings. You forget that the whole world is “charged with the grandeur of God,” aflame with His beauty, oozing with His wisdom, alive with His fierce power. And when you fail to marvel, it’s not long before you find your heart growing cold and ungrateful.

But you, my precious unborn child, how you lead me back to the heart of wonder, back to the heart of praise. You see, with your every nudge I’m reminded of something so strange and marvelous, I can’t help but worship. This is it: God is at work forming a life—a human being—inside of me. I’ve been chosen to be a vessel to a miracle. You are that miracle.

At just over two weeks, your tiny heart began to beat. It was a spontaneous mystery—the kind that is still baffling scientists—how within a poppy-seed sized embryo, a cell spontaneously jolts awake and begins to beat and how the other cells nearby join in the dance of its rhythm. I like to think of God hovering over you then, the way He did at the very beginning when He brought the first life miracle. I like to think of the Trinity’s overflowing joy flowing down into that single primordial heart cell with such joy that it just can’t help but dance and teach the other cells to dance too. I pray that your life would be like that first beat, a spontaneous overflow of  God’s joy that can’t help but affect everyone else around you.

I stand amazed at how from a microscopic twisted spiral of DNA, you are becoming you, unfolding and unfurling inside me with each passing day. Your fingers budded, and then your toes, your nails, and your eyelashes. And somehow from this twisting staircase of God’s words for your life, you are coming to be. Already, the experts say, you can suck your thumb, dream, grimace, taste, and hear. You spend your days adding brain cells at a dizzying rate and practicing for your first breaths. All the while, you are taking my breath away. Every nerve and sinew, every twitch and tendon is an astonishing mystery.

But still—all of that is merely matter. Beyond the wonder of flesh and bone, the wonder yes, of being flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, is the miracle of your soul.

You, Little One, possess an eternal soul. I don’t even understand the words, but there is something in you, something that will not perish. Though your body will fade, your soul will remain. You are a person, made in the very image of God, distinct from me and accountable to Him. I tremble at the weight of this glory and at the weight of the responsibility of shepherding you.

But for now, I just marvel. You lead me to worship because you are doing the very thing you were made to do—you are reflecting the image and mystery of God. What a vast, creative, generous, wise God! What a kindness that He would allow you into my life! What a joy it is to carry you!

Thank you, Little Glorious One, you are a catalyst to praise. May you always be so, all your days.

Book Release Happenings

Waiting in Wonder - Catherine Claire LarsonWell, we’re less than 2 weeks away from the release date (April 16!) of my new book, Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting and I’m one busy mama trying to keep up with it all.

If you aren’t following me on Facebook yet (sign up here), you may not have heard about some of the awesome reviews that are already appearing on Amazon about the book. Check out what people are saying, things like:

This devotional journal is beautifully written for the expectant mother’s heart as she awaits the joy of the birth of her child. It has a place to write prayers and messages to the baby after each lesson and has a memory verse for each week for mom to guide her as she walks on this journey of pregnancy. I highly recommend as not just a devotional but as a pregnancy journal too. What a gift this would be to show the child years later when he/she is grown as a beautiful testimony. I cried as I went through this wishing I had this for my pregnancies with my daughter and son. I am recommending this to all my pregnant family and friends as it will speak to each of them as they await the redeeming births of their baby. –Katherine Tolbert


This beautiful devotional journal takes expecting mothers through a most precious journey. While the fun biological aspects are covered and easily understood, more importantly, women are guided through the Bible, prayer, and reflection. I love that it helps prepare women for the changes ahead for themselves, with their husbands, and life as she knows it now. I also enjoyed that the journal questions covered so many aspects including how did you tell people you were pregnant, ironing out personal pride issues, and writing letters to your precious growing baby. I cannot wait to share this gift with family and friends. It will be my go to gift whenever a pregnancy is announced! –Tricia R. Venegas

And for a wonderful, longer review, check out Just34me’s Review, “A Firm Foundation.” One thing I really appreciated about this review were these final, closing words:

Here, then, is one way to stand for families; to encourage moms to think Christianly about the role of their spiritual lives in the life of their unborn child.  To all those supporting the movement this book is truly pro-life.

Meanwhile, the wheels are in motion for a local book release/ book-signing party. If you live in the greater Washington DC area, please consider joining us as we celebrate “the birth” of this book. This is a community-wide event, with some particularly great door-prizes for expectant moms. Here are the details:

Saturday, April 20th, 10:30 am to 1 pm, PFM Hospitality House, 44180 Riverside Parkway, Lansdowne, VA 20176. All are welcome! Expectant moms who attend are eligible for some great door prizes including a Baby Jogger stroller as well as giveaways from local area toy-store, Go Bananas, Veggie Tale’s Creator Phil Visher’s What’s In the Bible, Thomas Nelson Books and more!

If you’d like to help me, spread the word, share this(PDF) flier with your friends, church family, MOPs group, and neighbors. I’d love to see many new faces: WIW_LaunchParty[1] (1)

And finally, I’ll also be signing books on May 4th at the Northern Virginia Natural Birthing Center in Chantilly, Virginia. Looking forward to meeting some wonderful expecting mothers there!

More to come!

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