How Our Children Help us See God

Motherhood isn’t all roses. Anyone who has been a mother for more than 5 minutes can tell you that. But somehow, waking up each morning to those eyes and those smiles helps us forgive a whole lot of sleepless nights and noxious diaper changes.

Every mama has felt her heart melt at the sight of her baby. We are all biased, of course, that our own baby is the most beautiful baby in all the world. And of course, we are all exactly right. But the thing my heart keeps coming back to is this. The delight our hearts feel is whispering something. It’s so universal. It’s so natural. What is it telling us?

And here’s what I believe. Mamas, have you seen in those eyes an invitation to wonder? If “every good and perfect gift is from above” as James 1:17 tells us, then the gift of your child is an invitation to marvel in the goodness, the wisdom, and the creativity of the God who would grace the world with such a delight. Lean in and look with attention and let that look lead you to praise the Giver. Hold & behold the wonder before you, that you might hold & behold the wonder of God. Let it transform how you look at all the world around you; as a place “charged with the grandeur of God,” as the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins writes. All creation whispers, the name of God, if we will but listen. All around us there are windows to wonder, if we will but look. Every day, we can hold and behold wonder, if we will but grasp it.

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