It’s a….

We had our ultrasound today. As I wrote in my earlier post, we knew pink or blue that God had a plan for us and had carefully chosen this special gift. But unwrapping the surprise is still lots of fun. And since we promised we’d share our news, here are some pics to tell the story.

First of all, a pic with my baby bump as we reach this half-way mark. I have to confess, I haven’t been as good about taking belly pictures with baby #3 as I was with baby #1. This might be the first official bump picture of this pregnancy.

baby bump 3

After we found out our news and told our parents, we thought about a fun way to tell the boys. We decided to wrap up a big present for them and tell them that if when they opened it up they found something pink, then they’d have a baby sister in a few months, and if they opened it up and found something blue, they could expect a baby brother. So…

Luke and Isaiah opening


Luke opening


boys balloons


Luke happy


mom and boys 2


Mom and boys


baby larson 3 bt


May God be praised! We can’t wait to meet you little one….

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