A Valentine’s Gift for Him: 14 Ways to Pray for Your Husband this Valentine’s Day

What to get him this Valentine’s Day? Give him the gift he needs most: be an intimate ally.

My Valentine

When I first said, “I love you,” I had no idea that those would be fighting words. But they are. When I said, “I love you,” I took a soldier’s oath to fight for him, to fight alongside him, to be his most intimate ally. When I said, “I do,” I was saying I will volley the doors of heaven for you with my prayers; I will use my every ounce of creativity and reason to strengthen and persuade you to see the light when the valley is thickest with darkness; I will always have your back; I will never go AWOL on you when life looks bleakest; your battles will be my battles, and together our victories will be sweeter.

If love is an action word for you too, would you give your husband what he needs most this Valentine’s Day. Would you be his intimate ally by praying these 14 things for him in the year ahead?

To my Valentine:

1. Mind:  Where you believes lies about yourself, I pray that those would be uprooted. Where your thoughts are plagued with worry, I pray peace. Where you are filled with self-doubt, I pray confidence in Christ.

2. Soul:  Where you feel dry, I pray for refreshment. Where you feel lost, I pray you would be found. Where you sense longing, I pray you would find wholeness.

3. Body:  Where you hurt, I pray you would find healing. Where you hunger, I pray you would find satisfaction. Where you feel weak, I pray you would know strength.

4. Gifts: Where you are gifted, I pray you would find work for your hands to do. Where you find joy, I pray you might find purpose. Where you have been given much, I pray you would be found faithful.

5. Favor:  Where you need doors to open, I pray you would see them swing. Where you need the support of others, I pray you would receive bolstering. Where you put your energy to the things that please God, I pray your work prospers.

6. Family:  Where others look to you for guidance, I pray you would be a good role model. Where there is discord, I pray you may be a conduit of peace. Where you are called to lead, I pray you exalt Christ.

7. Marriage:  Where there is love, I pray you fan the flame. Where there is wrong, I pray you would be quick to forgive and ask forgiveness. Where there is misunderstanding, I pray there may be communication, grace and revival.

8. Work:  Where there is drudgery, I pray you work as unto the Lord. Where there is frustration, I pray you find God’s strength and peace. Where you lack wisdom, I pray you seek Him and find it.

9. Community:  Where you encounter the hurting, I pray you respond with compassion. Where you gather for worship, I pray you also find a meaningful place of service. Where you dwell, I pray you enrich the lives of those who live near you.

10. Finances:  Where you invest wisely, I pray you see a bountiful return. Where God directs you, I pray you would be unafraid to exercise generosity. Where you need guidance, I pray God would grant you wisdom.

11. Friendship:  Where you need brotherhood, I pray you would be unafraid to seek it. Where you find spiritual kinship, I pray those bonds would strengthen your soul. Where good friendships languish, I pray you renew them.

12. Joy:   Where there are days of hardship, I pray you find joy even in the midst of them. Where you feel heavy-hearted, I pray laughter spur you out of sadness. Where days sweetly satisfy, I pray your joy leads you to thanksgiving.

13. Dreams:  Where your heart still hungers, I pray God may guide you. Where your dreams are not in line with God’s plans, I pray you relinquish them. Where you need courage to take godly risks, I pray you would be brave.

14. Rest:  Where work inches its way too far, I pray you place boundaries. Where your mind feels preoccupied, I pray God supersedes and give you peace. Where the days seem too short, I pray you trust in boundaries God has given you and rest.

Will you join me in giving our husbands this gift this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps there is no better way to love him than to earnestly seek his good through prayer. Would you like a free card and an 8.5 x11 printable of this? One to give him and one to tuck someplace where you’ll be sure to see it and pray for him daily. If so, just subscribe to my email list for a free printable card and copy of these prayers.

Let him know he does not walk alone. Let him know you always have his back.

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