Kids Paper Chain Bible Reading Plan for Lent

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Are you looking for ideas to help you and your kids prepare your hearts for Easter? Would you like to observe Lent, but don’t really know where to start? I find with my kids that the more I can make things tangible, the more they will enjoy and remember it. And I want my kids to have really fond memories of the time we spent together learning about Jesus!

So to make things easier for me and for you, I made up this very easy paper chain craft. All you do is print, cut along the strips and make circular rings of these, interlocking each day by pasting the ends together just like you did back in grade school.

Then as you pull of a chain link each day, you will find (already done for you!) either a very short Bible reading passage to read with your kids, an idea of something to give up, or something to pray about together. When you’ve finished with all 40 days of the paper chain, you will have arrived at Easter! Super simple, huh? But what a great way to connect Gospel truths to your kids hearts in a super fun, low cost, low stress way.

These paper chains are another free gift from me to you to celebrate the upcoming release of my new book, Watching in Wonder: Growing in Faith During Your Baby’s First Year which hits shelves on March 14th!

Watching in Wonder

To find out more about this beautiful gift book, check out my new page where you can get a sneak peak inside! Or preorder your copy here!

Now, back to downloading this sweet paper chain/reading plan for your family. Simply subscribe to my email list and you’ll get these, along with all my other treasure trove of freebies (Scripture prints, memory cards, and more!).

Also, if you are looking for another tangible craft to do together. Check out this idea I had for a pretty little centerpiece which will blossom each day of Lent. Here’s the plan:

  1. Go out and gather some dead branches with your kids. Try to find a few that have some nice branching arms and that would be the right size to put in a vase you have on hand.
  2. Make tissue paper cherry blossoms or blossoms of any sort. For this I took a 3×3 square of white tissue and 3×3 square of light pink tissue. I put them together. I folded them in half and then in half the other way. Then I folded it into a triangle and cut out a half a heart-like shape. When I opened them up, I had a little flower. I put them together. Stuck a pipe cleaner through them and fold the end over. I made a few tissue paper green leaves and wrapped the pipe cleaner around them. This you could do with your kids or on your own. I made enough for the 40 days of lent.
  3. Then for each day of Lent, add a paper blossom to your branches. By Easter, your dead branches will have bloomed into beautiful blossoming cherry branches! This is a stunning visual reminder that Jesus brings life from barren places.

What a great Easter or Lenten craft to do with kids! I can’t wait to start using ours tomorrow!

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